Les Chefs Blancs it’s  a  Cooking  and Pastry School  managed by two well-known chefs as Sandro Masci  – also a cooking writer – and Giulia Steffanina. The school is located in the Rome among Officine Farneto so close to Ponte Milvio, Farnesina and the Olympic Stadium and has an inner free park for 150 cars. The School beyond professional cooking and pastry courses is also specialised in Cooking Class for tourist in language directly in English, French and Spanish. For all the other languages we use interpreters.

We can organize a demonstration/show cooking where the participants watch while chefs explain and show recipe preparation and cooking techniques.

At the end of this cooking experience, everybody will taste what the Chef has cooked.

Natural spring water, wines red and white and sparkling wine (prosecco) and not-alcoholic drinks will be served with the meals.

We can organize from a three hours course, or half day or one day classes or to multiple days or even a week entirely dedicated to the culinary Art.

If you have food allergies, you are vegetarian or vegan or you have religious necessity we can study a specific menu for all.